A man in a white T-shirt with a black posture corrector on a white background. How posture correctors can help back pain

Everything you need to know about posture correctors

A posture corrector is a fantastic way to encourage good posture and take advantage of all the benefits that come with sitting and standing up straight.

If you’re new to the idea of a posture corrector, we’ve put together this short FAQ to show you how they work.

How does a posture corrector work?

A posture corrector is a brace that gently pulls your shoulders back, encouraging you to keep your spine in a neutral position.

This helps ensure good posture, reducing the risk of back pain and providing a wide range of other benefits, including increased lung capacity and a boost in confidence.

How do I wear one?

Just stand up straight, put the posture corrector on like you would a vest, and reach behind your back to connect the straps in front of your chest – ask someone for help if you have trouble doing this. Adjust the straps so the corrector is snug but comfortable, and you’re all set!

A posture corrector might feel uncomfortable when you start using it, especially if you’re used to slouching or slumping. However, it will feel more comfortable as you get used to it, and your posture improves.

If a posture corrector looks a little scary, why not try a posture-correcting t-shirt or tank top instead?

How long should I wear a posture corrector for to see results?

We recommend wearing your posture corrector for two hours a day, three to four times a week. If you’re just starting out, wear it for thirty minutes at a time and gradually build up.

While it might be tempting to wear it for longer periods, this can cause you to become reliant on it to maintain good posture. The aim of a posture corrector is to ensure good posture even after you stop wearing it.

On average, our customers report that they see an improvement in their posture in three weeks; however it may take more or less time for you to feel a difference.

Can I wear a posture corrector when sitting down?

Yes – if you work at a computer all day, posture correctors are great for encouraging you to sit up straight.

Can I wear a posture corrector when playing sports?

Yes! In fact, combining your posture corrector with posture-strengthening exercises like yoga or Pilates is a great way to see results sooner.

Can I wear a posture corrector in bed?

We recommend wearing your posture corrector during the day. Posture correctors can restrict your movement in bed, interfering with your sleep and meaning you wake up tired and sore.

You can improve your posture while you sleep by sleeping on a supportive mattress, using pillows that reduce pressure on your back, and staying hydrated throughout the day.

How do I clean posture correctors?

We recommend either handwashing it or putting it on a low-temperature wash. Air dry after washing, and don’t put it in the tumble dryer.

We hope this FAQ about posture correctors has answered all your questions. If you’d like to know more about the range of posture correctors we offer, our friendly team is happy to help.

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