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How to do your Christmas shopping without back pain

Mince pies are in the shops, the festive television adverts have started, and there’s a chill in the air… Christmas is on the way!

There’s nothing nicer than venturing into the nearest town or city to do your Christmas shopping. However, all that walking, bending over to look at prices, and standing in line at the checkout can mean your back feels achy, stiff, and sore.

(Of course, you could stay home and shop online, but where’s the fun in that?)

Here are some ways to carry out your Christmas shopping like a boss without getting pains in your back.

Wear comfortable shoes

A Christmas shopping expedition isn’t the time to wear those high-heeled boots! When you’re doing lots of walking and standing, high-quality footwear will keep your feet comfy and your back well-aligned.

Trainers and flat shoes with good arch support are the best choices.

Dress in layers

When it’s cold, the tissues in the body shrink and become stiff, which means the muscles and tendons around the spine become more tense. If you know you’ll be out in the cold weather for hours on end, wrap up warm.

However, it’s important to dress in layers if you’re going to be moving from the cold outdoors to a warm store. This means you can take your coat, hat or jumper off and avoid the risk of overheating.

Shop strategically

Carrying lots of bags and awkwardly shaped items can put a strain on your back and potentially throw you off balance. If you’re driving, making regular trips back to your car means you can drop off your shopping. Some shopping centres also have lockers where you can stash your supplies.

If this isn’t an option, make sure you carry bags evenly on both sides of your body. Putting your presents in a backpack can spread the load evenly across your back – just make sure you wear both straps.

Ask for help

Some stores will be happy to help carry your shopping to your car, which can be a lifesaver when your back hurts! Be mindful that this service might not be available during busy hours or if you’re parked too far away.

Alternatively, some stores will deliver your products to your home – ideal if something is too heavy or bulky to carry around!

Take regular breaks

A short break gives you the chance to sit down and rest, meaning your spine has a chance to recover. Make a point of having a five-minute rest every hour. It’s a fantastic opportunity to grab a mince pie or mulled wine and catch up on your social media messages!

A staggering £54 billion will be spent in stores this Christmas in the UK. If you’re shopping on your local high street this December, we hope you find lots of lovely festive treats!

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