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What is lumbar support and why do we need it?

Got niggling back pain from sitting down all day?

Good lumbar support may very well be the answer! Join us as we look at how to say ‘bye-bye’ to lower back pain.

What is lumbar pain?

Your spine is divided into five different sections. The cervical spine near the neck, the thoracic spine near your ribs, and the sacrum and coccyx at the base of your spine.

Between the sacrum and thoracic spine lies the lumbar spine, the five vertebrae that make up the lower back. If you have lower back pain, it’s highly likely that your lumbar spine is affected.


What causes lumbar pain?

The lumbar spine is the curve in your lower back. When you sit down for long periods, whether in the office, sat watching TV, or when driving, this curve can be affected.

When you sit for a long time, it’s likely that you slouch forward. This means the natural inward curve of your lumbar spine pushes outward instead, leading to pressure in the muscles and discs in your back, a misaligned spine, and poor posture.

Why is lumbar support so important?

Lumbar support helps support the small of your lower back, helping you maintain the natural curve of your spine. This, in turn, helps improve your posture and reduce back pain.

How to get the right lumbar support

If you’re one of the 80% of adults who experience back pain, good lumbar support can make a welcome addition to your daily routine! Here’s how to get the most out of the different types of lumbar support.

Office chair with integrated lumbar support

Some ergonomic office chairs and gaming chairs come with integrated lumbar support. This is either fixed and non-adjustable, or adjustable. While adjustable is better as you can adapt your chair to your specific needs, fixed is better than no support at all!

Ergonomic lumbar cushion

If your office chair doesn’t have lumbar support, or you want support while driving long distances, a lumbar cushion is a fantastic option. Fully portable, you can take a cushion wherever you go. Plus, if your cushion is made of memory foam, it contours to the precise shape of your back, meaning additional relief from pain.

If you don’t have access to a lumbar cushion, a rolled-up towel can do in a pinch. Place behind your back while sitting, and go about your day!

Lumbar support belt

A lumbar support belt is a brilliant choice if you need extra help with lower back pain. Comfortable enough to wear throughout the day, a belt offers stability and can reduce muscle strain. It’s great if you have a manual job, do a lot of heavy lifting, or want to improve your posture as you walk about.

Lumbar pain can be frustrating, but there are lots of things you can do to reduce lower back pain and keep your spine healthy.

Use lumbar support when sitting, take regular breaks, and be mindful of your posture at all times, and you’ll be well on the way to recovery!

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