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Six of the best posture smartphone apps

  • Are you struggling to keep your posture in check?
  • Are you starting to slouch over your desk at work?
  • Are you feeling those aches in your back as you move around?

If you’ve said yes to any of these questions, did you know the answer to good posture lies in your smartphone?

There are a wide range of apps that will monitor your posture throughout the day, reminding you to stay balanced and aligned.

Here are six of our favourite apps for you to try.

1. Upright (iOS, Android)

When we ask people to tell us their favourite posture smartphone app, many mention Upright, and it’s easy to see why!

Upright comes with a small device that you wear like a necklace across your back. Combined with the powerful smartphone app, Upright collects data about the state of your posture, recommending how you can make improvements.

2. Posture Pal (iOS)

This quirky iPhone app uses your AirPods to monitor your posture!

Posture Pal is very simple compared to some of the apps on this list. Choose a cute critter, and it will pop up and remind you when you start to slouch! You can use Posture Pal on your Mac too.

3. Smart Posture (Android)

This smartphone app doesn’t rely on devices and hardware, instead relying on the sensors in your phone.

Just sit as you usually would, click the button, and Smart Posture will assess your posture and give you feedback. You can also set regular reminders to check your posture throughout the day.

4. Posture Correction Exercises (Android)

This app doesn’t check your posture like the other apps on this list. However, Posture Correction Exercises comes with a massive collection of exercises and stretches you can do to improve your posture and reduce the pain in your neck and back.

All the exercises come with short videos so you can see how to do them safely, and you can bookmark your favourites to do at your leisure.

5. PostureNet (Mac)

Okay, PostureNet isn’t a smartphone app as such, but if you own a Mac, it’s indispensable!

This app runs in the background and uses artificial intelligence (as well as your front camera) to see if you’re slouching at your desk. If you are, you get a notification telling you to take a break and sit up a little straighter.

6. Nekoze (Mac)

Like PostureNet, Nekoze is designed for Macs rather than smartphones. It uses your camera and facial recognition to see if you’re slouching – if you are, a little cat icon pops up in the corner of your screen and starts meowing!

Don’t worry; you can mute the cat if you’re in a busy office!

What are you waiting for? Download these apps today and give them a go – good posture awaits!

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