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Six reasons good posture is important

These days, we all develop poor posture more and more due to our work environment, our sitting habits and many other factors. Maintaining proper posture is beneficial for everyone and in every aspect. So what are the reasons why good posture is important?

1. Improves your appearance and confidence

Standing up straight with proper posture makes us look taller and can even make us look slimmer. It also adds a sense of inner and outer confidence. Who doesn’t want a little more of that?

2. Increase energy levels

Slouching actually prevents our body from getting enough oxygen. This can dramatically affect our energy levels, leading to weight gain and lethargy. Not only can having a good posture avoid all this, but it also helps us to improve our IQ level and improve our memory.

3. Increases blood flow

In addition to oxygen deprivation, a slouched posture also affects blood flow. An upright posture can promote good blood circulation, carrying enough oxygen throughout the body. This allows extra oxygen to flow to the heart and lungs, which can even prevent heart problems later in life.

4. Reduces head and neck pain

Poor posture often leads to neck, head and back pain; upper back pain and lower back pain that only gets worse if not corrected. Neck pain makes the body stiff and restricts movement of the neck and head. Good posture could save us from all these pains.

5. A stress-free life

Poor posture isn’t just detrimental to our physical health – it can also affect your mental health. Researchers have found that there is a link between poor posture and depression. Good posture means good health, good health means a stress-free life!

6. Improve your overall personality

People with good postures look smarter, more attractive and more confident. Have you ever seen someone with bad posture and felt that the person seemed neglected, even though the person hadn’t said or done anything yet? On the other hand, someone with good posture naturally gives out good vibes and everyone wants to be around them. I know by now you recognise that good posture is something we all need. Start improving yours today!

“Good posture not only makes you look good, but you also feel good. It helps boost self-confidence and allows you to live the stress-free life you deserve.”

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