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  • Tendonitis
  • Bursitis
  • Dislocation
  • Tear
  • Instability

HELPS RELIEVE PAIN - From tendonitis, arthritis, dislocation, sprains, rheumatism... During injuries or pain, the FIT PEAK™ brace will help relieve the shoulder by providing it with appropriate support .

HELPS WITH FASTER RECOVERY - Wearing the FIT PEAK™ brace will allow your shoulder to benefit from the support necessary for its recovery, by maintaining a good position your shoulder will be able to recover more quickly!

shoulder brace

KEEP YOUR FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT - Most braces prevent certain movements and activities, but with your FIT PEAK™ brace you carry on with your usual activities! Use the brace while:

  • At home
  • At work
  • During exercise (running, weightlifting, team sports, etc.)


SHOULDER RELIEF AND SUPPORT - The FIT PEAK™ brace is designed with easy to use tightening straps that attach to velcro. When you put on your FIT PEAK™, all you have to do is adjust the brace to place your shoulder in the most comfortable position, this position is also the position to maintain so that your shoulder heals itself.


shoulder brace

VERY DISCREET, TAKE IT EVERYWHERE - The FIT PEAK™ brace has been designed to be worn in all circumstances and in all situations to allow you to manage your shoulder pain at work, at home, in the evening or even during your sports sessions!



FOR MEN & WOMEN - The FIT PEAK™ brace is adapted to both female and male body types.

ONE SIZE, 100% ADJUSTABLE - Your FIT PEAK™ brace is 100% adjustable, so no matter your build or shoulder problem, you can adjust it to fit your situation perfectly and provide the right support for your shoulder. Usable for both the left and right shoulder.

VERY COMFORTABLE - Designed to be worn without discomfort wearing your FIT PEAK™ brace will allow you to keep your shoulder in a comfortable position, thanks to its tightening straps that allow you to choose the holding force. Its material is soft and does not cause any chafing and does not itch.



The FIT PEAK™ brace is the accessory you need to help relieve shoulder pain or injury! It will be perfect for athletes, for people who have undergone an operation or simply for anyone with shoulder pain wishing to keep freedom of movement while allowing their shoulder to recover! No matter how much pain you feel in your shoulder and no matter how long it lasts, IT'S NEVER TOO LATE TO CURE!

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