• What is the size ?
No need for a size chart, our brace has tightening straps to adapt to all sizes and body shapes up to XXL!

  • Can the brace be used when doing sports (running, jogging, bodybuilding, basketball...).
It is absolutely designed to take care of your shoulder and relieve your pain, while allowing you to continue your daily activities! So you can play sports with it regardless of the sport :) .

  • Will it help a frozen shoulder?
Absolutely, and it's even recommended! Wearing one will allow you to reduce the stress endured by your shoulder, this will have the effect of eliminating pain and speeding up the recovery of your shoulder!

  • How do you wash it... machine or hand wash?
To wash it, you can put it in the washing machine between 30 and 40°C!

  • For capsulitis is it recommended because I have capsulitis followed by tendonitis that goes down the forearm?
Absolutely it is highly recommended to help you soothe the pain of tendonitis or capsulitis when these show up! Stabilizing and maintaining your shoulder will de-stress tendons and joints, which will considerably reduce the intensity of your pain and its frequency!

  • Do you have a right or left brace?
Don't worry our new brace is worn on both sides! Wear it on the right or left side!

  • Is the brace heavy?
Absolutely not, it was designed to cause as little discomfort as possible. The goal is that the wearer even forgets that they have it on!

  • Can you wear it while driving?
Of course! No problem with that at all.

  • Is the brace resistant?
Yes it is! You can run, jump, do badminton with it and any other physical activity with it without any problem and without the risk of it dropping out!

  • Is payment on your site secure?
Absolutely, we have the latest digital data encryption technologies, which allows you to order on our site in complete security! We also have the customer security offered by PayPal!

  • What are your delivery times?
We ship orders within 48 to 72 hours! The current situation is delaying our deliveries which can take 10 to 21 days depending on your region! And we now deliver worldwide!

In case of problems or delay on your order please contact our customer service at this email: contact@fit-peak.com

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